Pilsner Malt

Pilsner Malt

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Pilsner malt is produced from 2 rows European malting barley. It has full bodied malty flavor. It is just used for pilsner beer which has Bohemian style. This malt contains enough enzymatic power to be used as base malt. It is well modified and can be easily mashed with many kinds of brewing process.

Moisture %   5.0
Extract fine grind on dry basis % 79  
Difference fine grind/coarse grind %   1.5
Saccharification time minute   10
Turbidity EBC   3.0
Colour of wort    EBC   4.5
pH   5.60 6.0
Diastatic power    °WK 250  
Total Protein % 9.5 11.5
Kolbach Index     % 38 42
Hartong 45 % 35 43
FAN mg/l 120 155
Friability % 80  
β Glucan mg/l   200
PDMS ppm   5.0
NDMA ppb   2.5

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