Mechanical Up & Down Rake System

Mechanical Up & Down Rake System

Mechanical Up & Down Rake System

Introduction of Mechanical Up & Down Rake System

The Mechanical Up & Down Rake System is very popular in middle capacity breweries. It
includes main arm, mechanical rakes, hook device, vertical shaft seal sleeve, vertical shaft, mechanical seal, scraper, cylinder and proximity switches that can reach full automatic control
for plough & discharging grain in lauter tun

The Advantages of this system are below,

▪ Full Automatic Control ▪ Level Off Grain
▪ Better Ploughing ( Plough Grain In Different Levels) ▪ Less Sugar Residue ( Sparge Grain In Different Levels) ▪ Not Destroy Grain Bed
▪ Discharge Spent Grain Clearly
▪ High Concentricity
▪ PE PTFE boards are fixed on the bottom of rakes which can protect the milled false bottom.

Work Condition

Six Positions for proximity switches
▪ First Position:Low Level Protection
▪ Second Position: Plough and Smooth Grain
▪ Third Position:Plough the Top Level Grain
▪ Fourth Position:Plough the Deep Level Grain, (100mm above the false bottom) ▪ Fifth Position:Plough the Bottom Level Grain, Increase filtration rate
▪ Sixth Position:Lowest Level Protection
Three Position During Sparging
▪ Top level ▪ Middle Level ▪ Deep Level

Process Parameter

▪ Feed Time, 15min
▪ Rest Time, 10min
▪ First Filtration Time, 50-60min
▪ Sparging Time, 60min
▪ Spent Grain Discharging Time, 15min
▪ Bottom Back Washing Time, 5min
▪ Total Time for Lautering, 155-165min
▲:Mashing equipment with four vessels ▼:there's nothing left

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