National inspection-free electrical steam generator

National inspection-free electrical steam generator

National inspection-free electrical steam generator

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National inspection-free Instructions

Above steam boilers are designed and developped according to <<Provisions on the safety supervision of small and atmospheric hot water boilers
>> and JB/T7985<<Technical conditions of small and normal pressure hot water boilers 
>> as well as JB/T10393 <<Technical conditions of electric heating boiler >>.
According to article 99 of  <<Regulations on safety supervision of special equipment >> and TSG G0001<<Boiler safety technology supervision regulation
>>,above steam boilers capacity less than 30L ,which product safety performanc not belong to category of mandatory supervision and inspection --
<<Measures for the supervision and administration of boiler pressure vessel manufacturing >> and no need local supervision and inspection .

◆Small electric steam boilers with compact size, automatic water feeding pumps inside, fuly automatic water level and pressure control, could continuous work.
◆Boiler water capacity less than 30 liters, avoid complicated approval procedures of annual evaluation
◆Steam output valves could connect  both hard tubes and high temperature resistant steam hose  , flexible ,make full usage of space .
◆Smart size ,convenient to be moved ,installation and usage .

National inspection-free electrical steam generator technical parameter

National inspection-free electrical steam generator Installation Drawings

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