Vertical Oil(gas) fired Steam boiler

Vertical Oil(gas) fired Steam boiler

Vertical Oil(gas) fired Steam boiler

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Vertical Oil(gas) fired Steam boiler technical characteristics

LSS series products --water tube structure ,vertical three return and burner on top design . The fire from top to down ,fully expanded .Flame processes long and in full combustion, each part of the flue gas go through three return for heat transfer, greatly reducing the exhaust gas temperature,save heat loss and improves  thermal efficiency. The boiler has controller protection and automatic recovery of the contactor to prevent electric shock function.It also has  dual anti reflux and exhaust heat protection devices, which ,strengthen the safety function.
◆ Quickly startup,achieving high temperature and pressure in short time.
◆  Nature circle,could undertake large temperature difference .
◆  With multi chain protection for water level and steam pressure .
◆  Vertical structure ,compact and beautiful, elegant style,classic  color ,save room space and easily installation .

Vertical Oil(gas) fired Steam boiler technical parameter


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