Vertical electric heating steam boiler

Vertical electric heating steam boiler

Vertical electric heating steam boiler

Vertical electric heating steam boiler technical characteristics

Vertical design electric steam boiler ,the heating elements are completely submerged in water and completely insulated-high efficiency and  minimum radiation losses . After precision calculation&design, boiler could quickly and efficiently reach work pressure. Using low heat load surface heating elements-- not easily melted or softened.Each component with water pressure and withstand voltage test.Boiler could immediately work after connecting to power and water supply. Nearly 100% thermal efficiency--quiet, clean, more in line with environmental requirements, No atmospheric emissions  NOx (nitrogen oxides)

◆  All electrical components with CE and CCC marks --ensure safety and long life service.
◆  Quickly start and stop ,big operation load adjusting range,easily handling .
◆ Each heating element use a concentrated beam flange connection,independently arrangement, simple structure, high mechanical strength, safe, reliable, convenient replacement, long service life .
◆  Flexible working methods,could set either  manual or automatic mode
◆  Unique power switching function,could be regulated based on actual demand of steam power, make same usage time/frequency ,improve equipment service life.
◆ When electric boiler heating element in a group has problem, could immediate stop operation the destroyed heating group and cut off power supply
◆ Vertical structure ,compact and beautiful, elegant style,classic  color ,save room space and easily installation .

Vertical electric heating steam boiler technical parameter

Vertical electric heating steam boiler installation drawings


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