500L (5HL) Microbrewery Equipment

500L (5HL) Microbrewery Equipment

500L (5HL) Microbrewery Equipment

WEMAC provide 100% custom design,production and installation based on customer's site,appearance, parameters and other personality requirements.We also provide product worldwide sales, installation, training and maintenance.
WEMAC has always been to promote the development of beer brewing industry.Welcome you and your friends visit our factory at any time!

500L (5HL) Microbrewery Equipment product advantage:

1.WEMAC supply beer brewing system with turn-key project.
2.WEMAC provide beer equipment with free consultation,3D design,free installation,training.
3.Three years warranty for the main equipment and spare parts.
4.WEMAC beer machine brew different flavors of beer and brew several flavors of beer at the same time.
5.WEMAC beer machine has beautiful appearance, it is convenient for customer visiting.

500L (5HL) Microbrewery Equipment application scope

small and medium breweries, regional breweries,bars, hotels, beer houses, restaurants, clubs, schools, laboratories, farm breweries etc.

500L (5HL) Microbrewery Equipment basic information

Output capacity:500L(5HL)
Heating method:steam, electricity or direct fire;
Area request:50㎡
Building height requirement:3.5M
Power supply:Single Phase/ 220(110, 240…)v/50(60)Hz
3phase/380(220, 415,440…)v/50 (60)Hz
Note: 1hl=100liter; 1Gallon=3.7854liter; 1BBL(Barrel ) =117Liter

500L(5HL)Microbrewery Equipment technology configuration

Milling system Stainless steel or carbon steel malt mill
Flexible or stainless steel screw conveyor
Mash system
Material:SUS316L, SUS304,copper;
Mash & kettle& lauter & whirlpool tun are any combination;dimple jacket or dribbling for heat exchanger, rock wool insulation,TH=80-100mm,upper stirring or bottom stirring,lauter plate:milling,side or bottom vinasse discharging
Hot liquid tank for option;
Plate heat exchanger: cooling form,capacity and piping meet requirements;
Oxygenation system:oxygenation form, capacity and interface form meet requirement;
Yeast adding tank depends on the customer’s requirement;
Stainless steel working platform;
Accessories:wort pump, wort tester, hop adding device,hop filter device, saccharimeter,worst rake,CIP system etc
Fermentation system 500L(5HL) / 1000L(10HL) fermentation tank
500L(5HL) / 1000L(10HL) beer brite tank
Amount depends on the customer's request
Dimple jacket or dribbling cooling
Option:dry hop mouth,CO2 filling device with titanium rod distributor,level gauge
CIP Mobile or Fixed CIP
Energy system Heating system &cooling system design capacity meet the requirement
Electric system Stainless steel electric cabinet with imported brand PLC and touch screen or spraying plastics electric cabinet with push-button
Pipeline fittings Including mash line, alcohol water line and other system line,valves
Filtering and sterilization system Candle type diatomite filter and pasteurizer
Beer distribution
To bar wine column
Keg washing&filling machine
Bottle brushing&filling machine
Can filling machine
Label machine

For professional brewery solution and exactly quotation, please feel free to send inquiry below.

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