Highland Barley Malt

Highland Barley Malt

Highland Barley Malt

Highland barley malt is made by the highland barley in china . It is the highest β Glucan content malt of SUPERTIME’s specialty raw material for brewing.
It can give beer a mellow taste and special flavor. It is suit for HB Malt IPA brewing. 




Moisture %   5.5
Extract fine grind on dry basis  % 80.0 83.0
Colour of wort    EBC 8 11
pH   5.60 6.00
Total Protein % 12.0 14.0
Kolbach Index     % 39 42
FAN mg/l 160 190
β Glucan mg/l   550
亚硝基二甲胺/NDMA ppb   2.5

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