Beer Flash Pasteurizer

Beer Flash Pasteurizer

Beer Flash Pasteurizer

Beer Flash Pasteurizer Typical process parameters of Beer processing

Material     Process Parameters  
  Beer-in Tem℃ Sterilization Tem℃ Holding Time Beer-out Tem℃
Beer 1-4 72 30s 0-4

For other materials processing, please agree on the specific process to meet the user's requirements when order.
Beer Flash Pasteurizer Technical Parameters

Capacity 1t/h Technical process 1-4℃→72℃→0-4℃
Steam Pressure >2.5bar Ice water flow rate 3t/h(-2~1℃) Compressed air pressure >6bar
Steam Consumption 12kg/h Ice water energy consumption     6000 kcal/h Power 5KW
Capacity 2t/h Technical Process 1-4℃→72℃→0-4℃
Steam Pressure >2.5bar Ice water flow rate 6t/h(-2~1℃) Compressed Air Pressure >6bar
Steam Consumption 24kg/h Ice water Energy Consumption  12000 kcal/h Power 5KW

Beer Flash Pasteurizer Main function and feature

1 Can customize according to customers requirement to achieve optimum technological effect.
2 Germany's JUMO PID regulator, PID closed-loop control, temperature control precision up to ± 0.1℃.
3 Using SIEMENS PLC+HMI control, the production process can be displayed on the HMI clearly , temperature curve can be traced back to 100 days.
4 The main components all adopt international brand, to ensure the product quality. Heat exchanger is Shanghai NANHUA or Denmark Sondex A/S brand, the regulator is UK SpiraxSarco brand, electromagnetic flow meter is the United States Anderson-Negele brand, and water pumps is Denmark Grundfos brand.
5. Can be combined with the CIP system and achieve fully clean effect, to ensure the quality of production.
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