Beer Flash Pasteurizer

Beer Flash Pasteurizer

Beer Flash Pasteurizer

WEMAC provide 100% custom design,production and installation based on customer's site,appearance, parameters and other personality requirements.We also provide product worldwide sales, installation, training and maintenance.
WEMAC has always been to promote the development of beer brewing industry.Welcome you and your friends visit our factory at any time!

Beer Flash Pasteurizer Typical process parameters of Beer processing

Material     Process Parameters  
  Beer-in Tem℃ Sterilization Tem℃ Holding Time Beer-out Tem℃
Beer 1-4 72 30s 0-4

For other materials processing, please agree on the specific process to meet the user's requirements when order.
Beer Flash Pasteurizer Technical Parameters

Capacity 1t/h Technical process 1-4℃→72℃→0-4℃
Steam Pressure >2.5bar Ice water flow rate 3t/h(-2~1℃) Compressed air pressure >6bar
Steam Consumption 12kg/h Ice water energy consumption     6000 kcal/h Power 5KW
Capacity 2t/h Technical Process 1-4℃→72℃→0-4℃
Steam Pressure >2.5bar Ice water flow rate 6t/h(-2~1℃) Compressed Air Pressure >6bar
Steam Consumption 24kg/h Ice water Energy Consumption  12000 kcal/h Power 5KW

Beer Flash Pasteurizer Main function and feature

1 Can customize according to customers requirement to achieve optimum technological effect.
2 Germany's JUMO PID regulator, PID closed-loop control, temperature control precision up to ± 0.1℃.
3 Using SIEMENS PLC+HMI control, the production process can be displayed on the HMI clearly , temperature curve can be traced back to 100 days.
4 The main components all adopt international brand, to ensure the product quality. Heat exchanger is Shanghai NANHUA or Denmark Sondex A/S brand, the regulator is UK SpiraxSarco brand, electromagnetic flow meter is the United States Anderson-Negele brand, and water pumps is Denmark Grundfos brand.
5. Can be combined with the CIP system and achieve fully clean effect, to ensure the quality of production.
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