White House Beer Recipe

Beer machine consultation

When you want to run a microbrewery or restaurant brewery, our engineer will provide professional consultation according to following factors: 1, Beer consumption Before choosing beer equipment, please tell our sales manager beer consumption or sale quantity, ...

Conor Donoghue (Dragonfly Brewery)
Beer brewing machine design

 Our engineer will give customers professional advice and issue a plane or 3D layout to help customers more convenient more intuitive understand the expected effect more convenient &intuitive according to the customer site floor plan.....

Stuart Taylor(Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery)

Beer system production

Open stainless steel plate Stainless steel coating Welding Polishing

Mark Welsby (The Runaway Brewery)

Beer making equipment tranportation

1. All tanks will be packaged with soft protection material and mounted on strong carbon steel frame 2. The accessories and spare parts will be packaged with separate box.3. All equipments will be well fixed to the containers after loaded into containers....

Rhanna Turberville (Lerwick Brewery)

Brewery equipment installation

1. Fix the equipment according to the relevant drawings, technological requirements &site conditions.2.Mashing system: confirm the operating plane, adjust the spacing between mash tun and filter tank, connect process pipe fitting, wort pump, fill the mash system......

Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale

Microbrewery tranning

WEMAC not only supply equipment, but also supply training service in all aspects. These will include:  Supply the operation manual for the daily use  Our engineers at site will train workers on how to operate the equipment and how to handle daily maintenance and....

Fuller’s ESB Clone

Nano brewery equipment Quality guarantee

Quality supervision in production.Workers of our quality department participate the whole process of the producing which is influence the quality of the equipment.Special attention is paid to following steps:Choosing suppliers....

Raw brett ale tasting

Brewery maintaining

Maintenance & Improvement• We supply maintenance and improvement service worldwide for equipment and plant. These will include:• Equipment validity guaranteed for 12 months under normal use and we supply maintenance for life for free....


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