Experience in dry casting of hops

Experience in dry casting of hops

Experience in dry casting of hops

What's the use of dry casting?

Our previous method of adding hops was to add them when the wort was boiling, but the boiling would cause the flavoring ingredients (all kinds of oil, alcohol, phenol and other complex ingredients) of the flowers to be lost. After boiling for more than 15 minutes, the flavor and taste of the hops would be greatly lost, and the flavor of the hops would also change when boiled.So often people add a few hops to the last 5 minutes of boiling to keep the flavor as good as possible.
The purpose of dry casting is to lock the bouquet into the wine as much as possible.
Does dry throwing add bitterness?
No, hops don't provide bitterness without heat.

How many hops you usually put into?

Depending on the taste, 30-100g is generally acceptable
Is there a temperature requirement for dry casting?
Generally speaking, 20-23 is a good soaking temperature. Too low temperature will affect the soaking speed, and too high temperature will affect the body.
When will the dry - throw begin?
Generally speaking, it is to add hops at the end of the main fermentation, which can be added directly to the fermentation bucket, or it can be poured once and then added to the hops.

Is it better for granules or for whole flowers?

These two kinds of flowers have their own advantages. The soaking time of granule flowers is generally 1-3 days (some data show that the soaking time of individual hop flowers is 3-6 hours, and the oil leaching amount will reach the peak value), and the whole flower takes 5-7 days (some breweries abroad suggest 7-14 days).Granulated hops are often broken, and the whole flower remains intact. Therefore, the flavor of the whole flower is better than that of the granulated one.The granulated flower will sink into the wine after dry casting, and the whole flower will float on the surface of the beer. In this way, some of the flowers will not invade the wine.



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