The soul of beer - hops

The soul of beer - hops

The soul of beer - hops

hops have many functions, mainly in the following aspects:

1 hops are the soul of beer, giving beer hops aroma and pleasant bitterness;

2 hops resin material and malt albumin, ball Proteins form complexes that produce large amounts of foam and keep them stable;

3 Hops have medicinal effects such as appetizers, spleen, antidiarrheal, and sterilization, and they have calming and hypnotic effects. China used hops as a traditional Chinese medicine for a long time;

4 Hops It has bactericidal and antibacterial functions, can prevent beer from being corrupted, and can prolong the shelf life of beer.

5 The hops contain tannins, which can precipitate proteins, play a role in clarifying the wort, and improve beer non-biological stability.

Hops are perennial herbaceous vine plants, and China is called Hop Hop. It is a Chinese herbal medicine. German name Hupp (HOP). Different male and female strains, female flowering that is hops. Plants up to 8 meters in height, sprout in spring and harvest in autumn. Hops are distributed in North America and Eurasia.


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