What is the degree of beer?

What is the degree of beer?

What is the degree of beer?

No matter what friends gather, beer has become one of the necessary drinks, but when we buy beer, the merchant usually asks, you have several degrees, there are 8 degrees, 9 degrees, 10 degrees, 11 degrees. Many people think that this degree refers to alcohol, but you will find in the bottle that most of the above is written about the wort concentration and alcohol concentration. Which of the beer degrees we are referring to refers to?

In fact, the beer degree we refer to refers to the concentration of raw wort in the processing of beer equipment, not the alcohol degree. Let's take a look at the difference between the two.

The meaning of wort concentration: (wort)

1, low concentration beer

The concentration of wort is 6°-8°, and the alcohol content is also the lowest, generally 2%. It is most suitable for drinking as a cool drink in summer. The disadvantage is poor stability and short storage time.

2, medium concentration beer

The concentration of wort is 10°-12°, the alcohol content is about 3.5%, and 10 degrees is common. The main variety of middle and high-end beer production in China is about 10°.

3, high concentration beer

The wort has a concentration of 12°-20° and an alcohol content of about 5%. Internationally recognized beer of more than 12 degrees is a high-grade beer. This beer has a long brewing cycle, good stability, and is resistant to storage and long-distance transportation. The taste is also the best, taking German beer as an example.

The meaning of alcohol concentration:

1, the degree of beer

The degree of beer and the degree of liquor represent different meanings. The degree of liquor refers to its alcohol content, while the degree of beer refers to the concentration of wort in the raw material of beer production. The alcohol contained in the beer is converted from maltose. For beer marked "12°", the beer is made from wort with a sugar content of 12°.

2, the alcohol degree of beer

The alcohol content of the beer is calculated as mass percent (M/V%). The 12 degrees indicated on the trademark refers to the original wort concentration, so the alcohol content should be about 4°. In general, the alcohol content of beer is mostly between 2-5%, the common light beer is 3.3-3.8%; the concentrated beer is 4-5%; while the German beer has a higher alcohol concentration, about 5- 9%, and the wheat is more mellow and bitter. The higher the alcohol content of beer, the better it can be said that his quality is better.


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