Beer equipment installation and commissioning

Beer equipment installation and commissioning

Beer equipment installation and commissioning

The steps for installing and debugging beer equipment are as follows:

1. Equipment in place: Refer to the relevant drawings and determine the location of the equipment based on process requirements and site conditions.

2. Mash equipment: determine the operation plane, adjust the mash tank, the spacing of the filter tank, connect the process pipe fittings, the wort pump, fill the tap water with mash, filter equipment and pipes, heat the steam, start the wort pump for leak test, The exhaust is inspected for all components, and the material is fed without any abnormality.
Exhaust device: The mashing pot is equipped with a steam exhausting cylinder, and a ventilation device is also required in the operation room to ensure timely discharge of indoor gas.
Mechanical part: Check the cutters of the filter tank and other equipment, the motor such as the stirring, the fixing bolts of the reducer, the connecting parts, etc., whether there is looseness, abnormality, whether the oil level is decelerated to normal, the power is turned on after wiring, and the rotation direction is adjusted. Test run, no matter before it can be fed.
Level gauge: Check the glass tube for damage and leak after it is correct.
Special requirements; steam heating, steam pressure adjustment of 0.15 to 0.2MPA, the water level in the mashing pot should not be lower than the upper limit of the heating jacket.

3. Fermentation equipment: After valve, pressure gauge, temperature sensor and other accessories are installed in the fermenter, pressurize with tap water to 0.18 to 0.2MPA, hold the pressure for 2 hours, no abnormality before cleaning, and test by tank:

4. The refrigeration equipment of beer equipment is installed and debugged by professional refrigeration workers, and non-professionals are forbidden to open.
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