Stuart Taylor(Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery)

Stuart Taylor(Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery)

Stuart Taylor(Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery)

What is your Brewery name and where did it come from?
Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery, It is the town in which we are based. It translates as church on a hill by the lune.

What is your brewery capacity?
30 bbrl per week

What is different about your brewery?
We are a small family run brewery producing a range of beers that are linked to the town in some way to put us both on the map.

How long have you been brewing for?
4 years started in Feb 2009 no prior experience

How did you get into brewing?
I have been in the pub trade for 20 years, after keeping and serving beers for so long it was time to try to produce our own.

What beers do you brew regularly?
Ruskins Bitter 3.9, Monumental 4.5, Radical 4.2, Stanleys Pale 3.8, Tiffin Gold 3.6, Jubilee Stout 5.5, Singletrack 4,
What special/seasonal beers do you brew?
Festive Jingling Lane 3.7, rugby season Loosehead 3.8, Sept Green Dragon 3.6, Specials Imperial Dragon 8.2, Cherkeby wheat beer 5, WPA 6.2, Dark Envy cask lager 4.4

Where do you think the future of brewing lies?
For me it is all about the brewers out there continuing to produce quality beers so the public have the confidence to try other beers, whether that be in cask keg bottle.

Do you bottle/keg/cask your beer?
Cask and 4 bottled beers

What is you proudest moment in brewing?
Not one particular moment but seeing people drinking and enjoying our beers on a regular basis is really cool.

Do you have any brewing regrets?
Not starting sooner

What is your brewing ambition?
With the help of new brewing equipment I would like to be able to produce a wider range of beer flavours and styles.

What was last beer you drank?
Imperial Dragon

What is your favourite hop and why?
I love brewing with the new world hops Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic the super aromas you get from them bounce off the brewery walls! Also the impact they have on the beers characterisitcs is fantastic.

What is your favourite beer/food combo?
Strong stout and dark chocolate

Do you have a Brewing hero/inspiration?
Don’t know the brewers so I wil go with the brewery. Goose Island they got me into drinking beer.

If you could brew one collaboration beer with someone who would it be with and what would it be?
Goose Island big hopped export stout

If you could share a pint with someone dead or alive who would it be, what would be the beer and where would you have it?
Darren Berrecloth, GLC bar Whistler Canada, one of my own beers Singletrack

Which beer do you wish you had brewed?
Goose Island IPA

How do you spend your time when you aren’t brewing?

With the family and Mountain biking as much as I can!

If you could have one superhero superpower what would it be?
To fly

Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery Co Ltd was established February 2009 by four "local lads", Plug, Roger and Stuart Taylor and Alan Stephenson.

With a history of three generations of the "Taylor" family being in the pub trade it comes as no suprise they would eventually have a dabble at brewing their own.

Father and son Plug and Stuart who already run The Orange Tree Hotel, a local freehouse in Kirkby Lonsdale, decided to join forces with Plugs brother Roger from Taylors Outdoor and Army Surplus store in the town, and Alan Stephenson of Stephenson and Son coaches. All of whom share a passion for "real ale" and a keen interest in establishing a local brewery.

After many months of planning and preperation the brewery was finally installed by Porter Brewing Company and is situated at the Old Station Yard, Kirkby Lonsdale.

Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery pump clips have been designed to include a picture of a local landmark, Devils Bridge.

The name of the first beer produced, "Ruskins", comes from the famous "Ruskins View" which Turner famously painted in 1816.



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